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<Jack - where did you get that book you mentioned awhile ago about the
Atlantic dory adventure?>

Bryn: To answer your question, I checked the book out at the Newport public library. The reference is: "A Fighting Chance", by John Ridgway and Chay Blyth, J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, New York (1967).

More on the book: "A Fighting Chance." I enjoyed the authors' engagement with the Cape Cod dorymen before they commenced with their 3000 mile row. The dorymen helped make some very important modifications to their dory. Here is an example (written about 1966). "Since I was a boy I had read about the marvellous fisherman of Cape Cod who used dories years ago and I was amazed to find that some were still alive -- in their eighties and nineties. They were wonderful old men who knew all about the sea and the dory; some had been in dories in 70-mph hurricanes and had got back safely. One old man would take us out on Pleasant Bay to give us rowing lessons. We had the idea that you had to lean far forward and then really pull and lean far backward. But he and other men said that if you are going to row for long, the idea is to concentrate on just keeping the boat moving. You should not lean back and you must row with shorter strokes. And if you pulled too hard, you would raise blisters.

The dorymen wanted to give us a fighting chance. And that's what they did. Apart from building up the sides of the boat, they put in thick pieces of oak to reinforce the boat -- and they advised us not to use a keel. They said a keel would stop the dory from slipping off the waves as it was meant to do."


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