Re: Thank you, and a suggestion.


Ahoy, Dave!


Super to know you “joined up.”  And, since you mentioned meeting up at messabouts, I’ll mention the next three big ones here. 


I’ve already invited all the COOTS, and just about anybody else who lives in the western hemisphere, to come to the Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho movable messabout to be held from 10-17 Sep.  I know that time is short.  But so is life.  That forum’s short title is EWMM.  It’s essentially a boat-and-beach-camp affair with options to spend nights in a camper, or at anchor, etc.  Several of the folks involved have boats that they have offered to make crew positions available aboard.  I’ve already loaned out my second tow vehicle with a sailboat on a trailer for the first half.  But, I’ll make an offer to a new-convert.


If you can show up with a trailer hitch, I can put a boat on it for this event.  One of the other COOTS who displayed a boat along the Toledo float this weekend is still considering making this event.  And, I’d dearly love to have Andy show up, as well.  That would be a true celeb appearance.  At any event, please contact me directly, or check out that forum (I’ve posted copious descriptions, pictures, etc.) for more details.


Also, in September, is the Port Townsend Wooden Boat.  That’s a must do affair in the Puget Sound arena.  Marty Loken is a good guy to know in Port Townsend, vis a vis the small boat world there.


And, finally, the Big Kahuna:  Sail Oklahoma is going to be a “really bigggg shewww” this year.  It’s a long darn way to go.  But it’s where all the cool kids will be going in October.


Welcome aboard, and don’t be a stranger.


Dan Rogers

“Lady Bug,”  “Punkin’ Seed,” “Roughneck,” “Shenanigan,” “Old Salt,” and a cast of supporting actresses…

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