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Dear Andrew Bolger,

Just say NAY to the naysayers.

Gene Berry

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Andrew, you have completely convinced me.  When I need a cardboard boat  because my honor is at stake I will consider NO ONE ELSE as my designer/builder.  When Newport comes skulking around seeking your services for next year, do not sell out cheap.  Sure they will sweet talk you with promises of total creative control, your name on the hull, and blah, blah, blah.  Do not be lightly persuaded.  When Russell Coutts retained the America's Cup for New Zealand in 2000 he held a team meeting and told everyone they needed to hold the team together for the next defense.  Within a month team Alinghi snatched him away with a million dollar offer.  If you must sell out, sell out big.

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A couple weeks ago, Bud Shoemake, the Port Manager for the Port of
Toledo (and the guy that makes the Toledo Community Boathouse possible)
came to me and asked if I'd make him a cardboard boat for the annual
race held during the Boatshow. I, of course, said "Sure." Bud had been
challenged by the Port Manager of the much larger Port of Newport, so
the Honor of Toledo was at stake.

At the time, there was a bunch of photos going around about a guy who
had made a birchbark canoe (can't find 'em now, sorry) and I thought
that'd be a nice shape. The first one didn't come out so well, but the
second one came out pretty nice. I kept it fairly light in construction,
so everyone who saw it said it would collapse - even though not a single
one of them had ever built a cardboard boat before. Theory theory
theory, until I said "Fine, reinforce it."

And Bob Larkin, builder of that Bolger Birdwatcher II you see sailing
around Oregon, did just that. Still, the peanut gallery complained.
Maybe they thought it needed to 'Round the Horn'? Fine - we added a
couple thwarts. Still, people complained. At that point, I just ignored

When I saw the other entries in the race, I felt kind of bad. Our boat
was the only one with any thought given to hydrodynamics - everything
else - including the Port of Newport's boat - were shaped like
shoeboxes, if they had any shape at all.

Bud won the race - by an embarrassing 4 minutes (Port of Newport came in

You can see a newspaper article here:

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