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The Coots and other exhibitors usually use the launch ramp Downriver from Toledo by the airport; it's a good ramp with plenty of parking. It will be "upstream" (uptide) from Toledo Friday afternoon. It'll be "upstream" again when you want to get back to it Sunday afternoon, but that's not a problem for boats with even small motors (but maybe a problem if you've only got an electric trolling motor...) -- the tides aren't fierce that weekend. Tows from motorboats can usually be arranged, if needed. Or stay over until Monday and have the tide behind you Monday morning.

Here is a topo map of the Yaquina River near Toledo showing the ramp location:

And a Google map:


Friday Fri 2014-08-15
High Tide: 5:08 AM PDT 7.2
Low Tide: 11:17 AM PDT 0.9
High Tide: 5:30 PM PDT 8.4

Saturday Sat 2014-08-16
Low Tide: 12:16 AM PDT 0.6
High Tide: 6:14 AM PDT 6.5
Low Tide: 12:06 PM PDT 1.6
High Tide: 6:21 PM PDT 8.2

Sunday Sun 2014-08-17 Last Quarter Moon
Low Tide: 1:24 AM PDT 0.7
High Tide: 7:29 AM PDT 5.9
Low Tide: 1:03 PM PDT 2.2
High Tide: 7:18 PM PDT 7.9

Monday Mon 2014-08-18
Low Tide: 2:35 AM PDT 0.7
High Tide: 8:53 AM PDT 5.6
Low Tide: 2:10 PM PDT 2.6
High Tide: 8:20 PM PDT 7.7

On Mon, 04 Aug 2014 06:03:05 -0700, Dan R wrote:

there is a launch ramp upstream from your venue that most of the small craft
exhibitors use....
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