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Andrew Linn

Hi, Dan. You are going to find yourself among friends, no matter if you are a yacht-man, sailor, or builder. Your nephew is going to have a blast as well - as manager of the Toledo Community Boathouse, I'll make sure of that. :)

Less-than-elegant is more the norm than the exception - all we really like is people on the water. The Boat Show works best when folks talk to the people.

I recommend you contact the Port of Toledo to get all the details on camping, dock space, etc. You'll find them helpful, informative, and enthusiastic. The email address is

It's best if the know who/what is coming so they can plan the dock space accordingly.

On 8/3/2014 9:14 AM, 'Dan' [MessaboutW] wrote:

Dan Rogers here.

I�ve been violating the sacred compact with summer and working indoors for a couple days. The project has been to assemble what I�ll loosely call a �messabout rig.� It�s a long-nascent idea where I expect to haul both a small motor boat and a small sailboat on the same trailer. I�d like to try it out on your Toledo meet, but I have a couple etiquette questions. My own messabout background was shaped by years as a SCUZBUM. So, please pardon my ignorance.

Is the Toledo show just for displaying show-quality boats for an essentially land-arriving public audience? Or, do you accommodate water-borne arrivals/activity participants�such as myself�who might come by boat? Basically, is there dock space for less-than-elegant vessels from foreign lands (Almostcanada in this case)?

My plan has been to bring my 8-year old nephew, in the hopes that he can join in with the family activities I believe you guys put on at your boat shop. Assuming that the answer to my first question is �yes,� then we expect to camp out in my tow vehicle/homeless van. Should we figure to do that at the upriver launch ramp area? Or, am I completely mis-reading the smoke signals, and that idea won�t work?



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