Re: Toledo Show


Dan Rogers here.


I’ve been violating the sacred compact with summer and working indoors for a couple days.  The project has been to assemble what I’ll loosely call a “messabout rig.”  It’s a long-nascent idea where I expect to haul both a small motor boat and a small sailboat on the same trailer.  I’d like to try it out on your Toledo meet, but I have a couple etiquette questions.  My own messabout background was shaped by years as a SCUZBUM.  So, please pardon my ignorance.


Is the Toledo show just for displaying show-quality boats for an essentially land-arriving public audience?  Or, do you accommodate water-borne arrivals/activity participants—such as myself—who might come by boat?  Basically, is there dock space for less-than-elegant vessels from foreign lands (Almostcanada in this case)?


My plan has been to bring my 8-year old nephew, in the hopes that he can join in with the family activities I believe you guys put on at your boat shop.  Assuming that the answer to my first question is “yes,” then we expect to camp out in my tow vehicle/homeless van.  Should we figure to do that at the upriver launch ramp area?  Or, am I completely mis-reading the smoke signals, and that idea won’t work?





Shenanigan and Limerick

Diamond Lake, WA



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