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I'm a chicken, so I just stay close to the outside of the bend, starting by going close to the shipyard to look at the boats. <g> Oceangoing ships used to tie up at the bulkhead on the outside of the bend by the defunct sawmill. Big Alaska crabbers and other large fishing boats still come up to Toledo to have work done at Yaquina Boat Equipment on Depot Slough. There's plenty of water for our little boats at any stage of the tide if you stay on the river side of all pilings and stay on the outside of the bend. It's really quite easy, as long as you don't get tempted to take a shortcut because you see water on the inside. <g>

I've attached a bit of the NOAA nautical chart of the river, from the ramp to Depot Slough.

On Sat, 02 Aug 2014 20:36:05 -0700, John W wrote:

OK. Thanks! From the Google satellite photo, it looks "dirtier" on the
outside of the bend! Do I have to stay north of that apparent bar 2/3
of the way north of the south shore? Are the pilings shown in your
Flickr photo apparent, and do they reasonably mark the sand bar?

I need about 6" rowing; 2' sailing. How deep should it be at that 8.4
high tide Fri afternoon?
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