Toledo Show

There's free camping for exhibitors in a big field near the docks.

The voyage from the Toledo launch ramp, a couple of miles away downriver by the airport, can be difficult for a sailboat, with the wind coming from every direction you can imagine. The tide will be coming in towards Toledo on Friday, when most of us arrive, but it will also be rising, on the nose to get back to the ramp, Sunday afternoon when we leave. <sigh> Last year a few of us stayed over Sunday night, which was a nice and relaxed way to do things, and this year that'd mean we could ride the ebb tide to the ramp Monday morning.

If you bring the faux tug you won't have to worry so much about the tides. The little sailboat could sail around in the slough. I've taken people for boat rides in my motorboat out on the river. There are advantages to each. <shrug>

Pretty mild tides that weekend:

Friday Fri 2014-08-15
High Tide: 5:08 AM PDT 7.2
Low Tide: 11:17 AM PDT 0.9
High Tide: 5:30 PM PDT 8.4

Saturday Sat 2014-08-16
Low Tide: 12:16 AM PDT 0.6
High Tide: 6:14 AM PDT 6.5
Low Tide: 12:06 PM PDT 1.6
High Tide: 6:21 PM PDT 8.2

Sunday Sun 2014-08-17 Last Quarter Moon
Low Tide: 1:24 AM PDT 0.7
High Tide: 7:29 AM PDT 5.9
Low Tide: 1:03 PM PDT 2.2
High Tide: 7:18 PM PDT 7.9

Monday Mon 2014-08-18
Low Tide: 2:35 AM PDT 0.7
High Tide: 8:53 AM PDT 5.6
Low Tide: 2:10 PM PDT 2.6
High Tide: 8:20 PM PDT 7.7

Some pix from last year:

I'm looking forward to meeting you at Toledo, Dan.

On Fri, 18 Jul 2014 19:55:34 -0700, Dan R wrote:

I'm also hoping to attend the Toledo gathering this next month. About all I
have to go on is the pictures in the COOTS calendar. I don't have anything
show-quality; but assume that the best way to meet COOTS is to come with
something floaty. Which would be more appropriate to the area? A 13 foot
sailboat, or a 14 foot faux tug/workboat? Also is there a place close to
the action to dry camp in my "homeless van?"
John (
A fool and his money are soon elected. (Will Rogers)

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