8-day movable messabout


Eastern Washington-North Idaho Movable Messabout:  10-17 September.


There is still time to make plans to attend.  The plan is to meet up at AJ’s Café in Priest River, Idaho for breakfast on Wednesday, 10 September 2014.  What follows is a sampling of different small boat venues spanning the tall timber to scab lands of the region. 


I’m posting this question on several forums, and to individual email addresses of folks who have expressed interest over the past year.  It would be a great help to me to know who might be planning to come.  If you want to participate in all, or some parts, of the schedule.  What boat(s) you expect to bring.  Any particular questions or limitations you have.  Stuff like that.


We have our own forum at: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ewmm/conversations/messages

Courtesy of Chuck Leinweber and Steve Lansdown. There’s a pretty detailed run-down on the whole shebang, there.


It would also be real helpful, if you let me know if you’re probably not going to attend.  I have made arrangements for an undetermined number of folks to launch and park in a couple places—and it would be good form to better quantify those numbers as we get closer to September.


Please feel free to contact me directly, or through one of our several social media formats.




Dan Rogers

Diamond Lake, WA




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