Re: Summer Solstice Messabout


Well, drat.  I seem to not be making contact with COOTDOM, well.  Last summer I had a new boat and overhauled trailer all set to come to the Columbia River run.  Then, family stuff intervened at the last minute.  And, one-day affairs are kinda’ short for such a long drive.  Perhaps, you guys will have something in place of the CRSSM?


Also, the 8-day, 3-lake messabout for up this way is still on.  Inviting all COOTS!  It’s sked for all or part of 10-17 September.  Right after the Port Townsend wooden boat meet.  The forum is just getting started at EWMM-subscribe@....  Right now, it’s on the DW calendar, PTPY listings, and Bob Hicks is giving it ink in June and July as well.  September can be lovely time in North Idaho and NE Washington.  Lots of water.  Almost no people.


Dan Rogers,


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