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Hi Guys,
I don't post often. I guess i am a lurker of this group.  I really enjoy seeing the projects at the boathouse thru-out the whole building process. and if I was not 6 hours away I would be there to help and join in the fun. It would appear that Andrew is the glue that keeps it all going and it is nice to have a guy like that around, then again maybe he lives in a condo, and is getting free beer at pig feathers if he shows up with wood chips on his clothes, I do not know.
Having watched the whole (family build ) play out in the posts. I had a few thoughts.  It is obvious that trying to get kids or family involved seems to be a hard thing to do in this computer age. I found the whole idea of a family build misleading. Building a boat from start to finish in two days, gives the idea that building boats is as easy as changing ones cell phone cover.  I would incourage you to find ways and projects that would attract those who want to mess with boats more on a steady basis. And enjoy the group build over time.
As a person who lives in cattle country with a large shop full of tools I have found no others with any interest in building boats. So then again maybe building anything in general is a dying art.  While I use the power tools to (get it done) I have often wanted to go back to hand tools just to maybe slow life down some. In the posts of the family build the use of power tools to (get it done) seemed to take away from the whole idea of a hands on project for kids. I remember as a kid that the better times were in a scrap pile of wood and some nails and a hammer, and usually a dull hand saw.
You have a wonderful gathering place for group projects It would just be nice to see maybe more youthful weekly participants with an attitude that the good things in life take some time and effort.
When again maybe that world I knew is gone the way of tech.


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Pics and commentary are up from this week's session building Lazy
Weekend Canoes.

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