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That's the One. I think a "Real Tom Kaarhus boat." Not sure,
but also old plans I found my plans in a Clackamas Library.
Just photocopies of them. I copied them and built from them. Frames
and Ply cuts on them, but not very much detail.
Great boat, even though it looks a little funny, and you have to
remember which end is "Front" for different uses.
As a "Drift Boat" is go down "Stern" first, so if you come to any
big waves, you have to kind of turn slightly so you hit them with
a "pointy corner" of the stern, but "Stern" much higher than "Bow"
which is what makes it look funny, but works great.
Used as lake row boat, or low HP power boat, it goes "Pointy end"
first, with take-out cut out for motor in "Square Stern" (fat end)
Some details in stern make mine a better "Drift Boat" (Slight upturn
in last foot of bottom, so it does not plane very well, but does
not get hung up on rocks, and rows better.
Ray Heater (was at the Depoe Bay Show, and builder of Roger
Fletcher's "Double Ender McKenzie River Boat") has been building
beautiful ones for a long time. He has pictures of his planing,
so either has different bottom, or some kind of majic, and knowing
Ray I think it could be the latter.
The "Rapid Robert is one of the Original McKenzie River Square
Stern drift boats. You can see picture on Roger Fletcher's site

Many nice things about the boat. With motor, and deep stern, real
"Load Carrier" can literally carry a ton of camping gear.
As "Drift Boat" will seat two in the Stern (downriver end), plus
oarsman in middle,(with adjustable seat and two sets of oar lock
sockets) although rows better with just one in the stern.
If you want to beach it you just row up on the beach, stern first,
and remove the "Take out" for the motor in the stern, and step out.
Just like a little door, but not as good as "Ramp" on GP-16.
GP-16 (18)is going to be cool. Real "Landing Craft"

Can hardly wait till I can get it going. Probably not 'till
Fall or Winter, (Always seem to be cold when I decide to build
a boat, so I have to fight the epoxy) but thinking about not
glassing it, (I hate working with glass) and putting on replacable
bottom layer of ply, with a coat of epoxy "Drift boat" bottom paint,
or more likly just a few coats of good latex, and just fix the dings
and replace the sarificial bottom when it gets too bad.
I plan to use it pretty hard, and run it up on some beaches that
may not be very kind.
Camping boat, but still have not figured out sleeping area without
having to set up "Boom Tent" as drawn. (Ausie Builder of One)
See you sometime, somewhere.

I have several good pictures my Son took at Depoe Bay.
Some that are not already shown. I can scan them, but how do I get
them to the Depoe Bay page?

Keep in touch

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

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Good story! I know there are plenty of good cops out there
somewhere, but
too often the ones I encounter seem to have joined the force
because they
like wearing uniforms and pushing people around. :o( Ooops! That's
too close to politics!

Is your Rapid Robert a real Tom Kaarhus boat? An old girlfriend
used to be
roomates with Tom's grandaughter, but Tom had already passed on by
His son (her father, now gone himself) had some good stories to
tell about
the boatshop though. While poking through the boatbuilding section
at the
Eugene library a while ago I stumbled upon a thin volume containing
for a Rapid Robert! I'm not sure I've ever seen one in person,
unless it
was back when I was a sprout and not yet boat aware. I've got a
bookcase my
dad had Tom make years ago. had no idea that that guy who came to
the space for the bookcase was anybody special...

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody's caught a flounder in Yaquina
Many, many years ago I caught a flounder while trolling for
bluebacks way
up behind Duncan Island on the Siuslaw! It was delicious. <g>

On Fri, 08 Jun 2001 16:13:18 -0000, Pat wrote:
Have to see how "Healing" goes. Would like to bring over old
"Rapid Robert"

Mid July at Yaquina Bay sounds good to me.
Crabs there then? Yum!
I heard somebody caught a flouder in there. Truth or fiction?
John <jkohnen@b...>
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1. He is a Greek
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