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Dan Arbogast


I built a Pygmy Coho several years ago, enjoyed the process immensely.  The kit was complete and well done, customer service was impeccable.  I highly recommend Pygmy.

This was one project that fits the description "The journey is much more important than the destination" because once I finished the kayak I found out it didn't fit me very well and it's only been on the water a few times.  I find myself enjoying my 14 ft Tsunami much more than the Coho only because of its cockpit size (my feet are too big).  I'd actually like to sell the Coho if anyone is interested...

The Pygmy showroom is in Port Townsend and perhaps it would be worth a trip up there to actually paddle one of their Osprey Triples before taking the plunge, then you might avoid the situation I got into if the kayak doesn't happen to fit you when finished.

I have no experience with the CLC kits so I cannot compare kit manufacturers, but I thought I would give a thumbs up for the Pygmy folks.

Belle, WWP15
Corvallis, OR

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 10:34 AM, DirtSailor <dirtsailor2003@...> wrote:

As happens often, life changes effect the hobbies that we enjoy. My better half is not much of a sailor, but she enjoys getting out on the water kayaking. We have been taking the Chuckanut 15 out quite a bit and a have decided that we really enjoy paddling together. We have found that or newest dog, Oly really likes it too. Both the dig dogs really don't like the water. The Chuck is okay, but being SOF, I am always concerned that we're going to tear it on the lava here, or that Oly, who likes to be a mast head, will puncture the deck skin with his nails.

I have decided to sell the Elver, in order to finance the next build. After doing some research I have narrowed it down to two boats the CLC Chesapeake Triple, or the Pygmy Osprey Triple/double. I've been pounding the internet and know the pros and cons to both boats. But was wondering who has built either from plans or kits any from these two designers. A plus if you've built either of these two particular boats. One of the cons I've heard about the pygmy is that the deck joins without a shear clamp. I don't know if that's too big of a deal, I think I like the hull design of the pygmy better, and I'm sure adding a shear clamp wouldn't be too big of a deal. At this time I am leaning towards the kit route, mainly due to my limited build season. Any thoughts appreciated.


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