Check it Out -- Fall Creek lake

Cal <lendercal@...>

Fall creek recreation area, and Winberry park is where I like to launch, new concrete docks and easy access. Just talked with the ranger, and you can park overnight, behind the locked gate, and still use the rest rooms. This is for those who stay and sleep on their boats, or at the dock side. A private camp thing, as the ski boats leave at sundown, mostly not equipped to stay aboard. Haven't o'nited there yet, but plan to sometime soon. Near the dam, so good sailing, and the lake is a rearing pen for Atlantic Salmon, among other good stuff.

Fishermans Point, at the other end has both camp and some part is reservable, one group at a time with primative camping. I have a reservation form for this one coming in. To 60 people, but private parties accepted.

Gorgeous lake and scenery, there is one other very small site, but need to go there and look at it. Gone camping soonest possible.

Best Wishes, Cal

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