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Good story! I know there are plenty of good cops out there somewhere, but
too often the ones I encounter seem to have joined the force because they
like wearing uniforms and pushing people around. :o( Ooops! That's probably
too close to politics!

Is your Rapid Robert a real Tom Kaarhus boat? An old girlfriend used to be
roomates with Tom's grandaughter, but Tom had already passed on by then.
His son (her father, now gone himself) had some good stories to tell about
the boatshop though. While poking through the boatbuilding section at the
Eugene library a while ago I stumbled upon a thin volume containing plans
for a Rapid Robert! I'm not sure I've ever seen one in person, unless it
was back when I was a sprout and not yet boat aware. I've got a bookcase my
dad had Tom make years ago. had no idea that that guy who came to measure
the space for the bookcase was anybody special...

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody's caught a flounder in Yaquina Bay.
Many, many years ago I caught a flounder while trolling for bluebacks way
up behind Duncan Island on the Siuslaw! It was delicious. <g>

On Fri, 08 Jun 2001 16:13:18 -0000, Pat wrote:
Have to see how "Healing" goes. Would like to bring over old
"Rapid Robert"

Mid July at Yaquina Bay sounds good to me.
Crabs there then? Yum!
I heard somebody caught a flouder in there. Truth or fiction?
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1. He is a Greek
2. He is a Fisherman <Roy Blount Jr.>

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