Re: Messabout on Yaquina


If I bring over anything other that the "Toad", I will have to put it
on a trailer, and my old 75 Cheve PU is not up to the task, or even
running last time I tried. I think it will start, but have not
even had it liscenced for about a year.
Would then have to bring over delivery truck to pull trailer, but
at 8 mpg could probably bring "Toad" and stay in a nice motel over
there for less than gas.
Have to see how "Healing" goes. Would like to bring over old
"Rapid Robert" with 1952 15 Johnson "Seaponies" motor.
Not real horses any more, but starts on third pull every year,
no mater how badly I treat it. Old gas. New gas.
Traded some furniture for it long ago and nice old 11' ply "Runabnout"
About $300 trade as I remember. Boat was OK, but was not very
well designed in front. A little too much V in front for a 11' boat,
so if overloaded or too much wieght in front (like 3 people) would
tend to try too cut a deeper V than bouancy would provide.
Interesting, and a fun boat with 2 people in it.

Took it in the Willamette upstream from Canby and much as my luck
is, again got "Busted" by the Yamhill County Police, who apparently
didn't find any other boat on the river, and our family of 3
running up "His" river in a funny looking 11' Red boat was enoungh
to make his day. Came up behind us in one of their $30,000
"Taxpayer Thunderboats" (They do get some nice one don't they) with
all lights on, almost swamping us with his wake.
Had to go through the whole routine. Only thing he could come up
with "No Horn". I don't think it was necessary on that boat at
that time, but you are really in no place to argue, when the next
step might just be to kill us all and let the "Law" and the
Police review board check it after the fact.
No such incident, and he just wrote me a "Warning". Guess he had
to justifiy "His fun day on the river" in his nice boat and bumm some
poor taxpayer out, and ruin an otherwise great day on the river.
I don't know if I can say "Pissed off" on this group, but I was.
(Not like your Coast Guard. This guy had no concern for "Safety",
or would have been a lot more careful when he approached us.)

Ran quite a while up river. (Always run upriver first) and ran
it out of gas. Had an extra 5 gallon jug of gas so was no
probem, except that after planing along at 20mph or so, for about
2 or 3 minutes, engine quit.
Went back and checked everything, all OK. Waited a little while
and started up and ran great again. But, after another couple of
minutes of cruising stopped again.
This time, went back again and checked, and everything looked OK.
Then I noticed the quart of 2 cycle oil sitting next to the
tank. Oops.
Poured it all in to make up for what I had forgotten to put in
earilier. I guess that worked, because it has stared third pull every
new season, and second pull every time during the season.
It's run OK ever since. About ten years later, that's what I use
on the back of my "Rapid Robert" when it's not a drift boat.
"Rapid Robert" has kind of a "Boarding Ramp" without motor.
Kind of cool. I'll show you If I bring it.
Again,not a "Show Boat". A well used boat. That's what they should be.

Boat's gone now. 1/4 ply kind of got scarry, and I didn't want
fo find myself sitting in a pile of floatsome, with my motor
on the bottom, so I put it to rest.

I'll try to post my "Delivry Truck/GP-16 picture on the files
section, so other people will know what we are talking about.

Mid July at Yaquina Bay sounds good to me.
Crabs there then? Yum!
I heard somebody caught a flouder in there. Truth or fiction?

Keep in touch.

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

--- In MessaboutW@e..., mjbrown@c... wrote:
A messabout on Yaquina Bay in the middle of July sounds good to
Maggie and me. As you suggest John, we can
launch at South Beach and use the beach by the Hatfield center.
However, let's leave it open for awhile and we'll look for other
spots along the Yaquina. Get back to you all soon.


PS: Pat Patteson: will you bring your upsidedown camper boat?

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