Yaquina River Float Tuesday


Alas, Yahoo managed to screw up my posting of this several days ago, and only just told me what they'd done. <sigh> No wonder I haven't heard anything from you guys...

The Weatherman is promising nice weather so far:


I figure the tide will be about an hour later at Elk City than Toledo.
We'll leave Elk City at about 2:00 PM so the tide will be flowing good
when we set off. Six miles or so to the Canyon Quarry launch ramp should
take a couple of hours of easy rowing/paddling/drifting. After pulling
everybody out it'll be time for Dinner at the Flying Pig. :o)

Who's coming?

Toledo, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon

Tuesday 2011-10-25
High Tide: 12:10 AM PDT 7.5
Low Tide: 6:05 AM PDT 1.2
High Tide: 12:06 PM PDT 9.2
Low Tide: 6:56 PM PDT -0.6

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