Re: [MessaboutW] LED replacement bulbs


Dirt:  I bought two of the bulbs for my camper just to try.  They are White White White.  Do make enough light to see by and we use them a lot when dry camping and electrical storage is minimal.  I'm looking for some that would give a more natural light.  They do fit just like the others and have not had any problems with them.  Total time in use has been minimal at this point.  hal

From: DirtSailor
To: "MessaboutW@..."
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 1:28 PM
Subject: [MessaboutW] LED replacement bulbs

I have  had a couple bulbs burn out in the overhead interior lights in my camper recently and my first thought was to replace the fixtures with LED ones. As I've been looking around i have noticed that they also sell replacement bulbs that are LED that plug into the current sockets. The original bulbs are standard 1156 bulbs. Has anyone tried these replacements. They're about $24 bucks a pop, that's quite a few double packs of the 1156's!!!


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