Yaquina Bay



A get-together at Criteser Marina might still be in the works, if we can
find a place to launch near there. I've stopped there several times, but
I've never noticed if they have a ramp! Too busy looking at the old boats,
I guess. <g> We can plan a Yaquina Bay messabout with the knowledge that we
can launch at South Beach if nothing better comes up.

Meeting now and then at a beer parlor to jaw about boats is a good idea. Do
you think Sam Bond's is the best place for it? I haven't been frequenting
bars lately, and when I do stop in it's usually at dingy dives like John
Henry's or Max's, because that's where my friends hang out. I used to hang
out at the High Street Cafe, good beer and the yard out back is (or was
last time I was there) quite nice in good weather. I wonder if the service
is still so bad?

I've personally asked the Scotts to join the list, but they haven't. :o( I
also asked John McCallum, Steve Ramseur and Terry Lesh, who were at the
Dexter messabout, with the same result. Steve told me he is leery of Yahoo.
I don't want to spam folks who attended Depoe Bay with invitations. You
know Rich Covelly, why don't you ask him? I've thrown the list wide open,
we'll see what happens.

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001 22:50:12 -0700, you wrote:
I thought for a very informal messabout, some of us might a gathering at Sam
Bond's Garage in Eugene after work some eve with photos, books, and whatever
of boats and talk boats.
Recruits: has anyone tried Scott Malvitch, or howbout Rich Covelly, the guy
I got the free boat from, he was at Depoe Bay, Scott Marble, the guy with
the little dog from Frashier,
Yaquina sounds great, but what happened to the Critzler (spelling?) idea? I
heard from several troller types that there are a lot of wooden trollers
there that I might be able to get for cheap. That's a pretty small area on
the river, with limited wind, but the backswamps up the drainage just to the
south might have some good exploring.
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"Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth.
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