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I can't make either this weekend or the June 16th weekend. On the 16th I'll
be having a well-deserved overnight date with my wife at Edgefield, the beer
campus of Portland, the kids will be at the grandparents. I sure seem to
come up with excuses to not make a messabout.

I thought for a very informal messabout, some of us might a gathering at Sam
Bond's Garage in Eugene after work some eve with photos, books, and whatever
of boats and talk boats. Granted, half of this "huge" list we have lives in
locations not close to Eugene, where you can get some of those groovy
sandals. Also, it doesn't have to be a beer establishment, it could be a
park intown, or a coffee house. I could dig some photos out of messing
about I did last summer in Northeast California in a pretty remote area.

I should mention the "huge" list just jumped from 7 to 8 yesterday when I
signed my home email address up. I figured that I should get side-tracked
at home not work because, as John put it, "I find this list very
salubrious", Thanks for throwing a few good words at me, I needed to look
that one up. Keep'm coming.

Recruits: has anyone tried Scott Malvitch, or howbout Rich Covelly, the guy
I got the free boat from, he was at Depoe Bay, Scott Marble, the guy with
the little dog from Frashier, I'll bet he hates it when people say that.
Actually that list of exhibitors probably has a few good candidates. I
havent' found any problems with signing up on the evil yahoo, actually, I
have never seen a commercial email from them yet, I did uncheck the "send me
junkmail" box. I don't know how those guys make money. There's got to be
an underground or in-the-closet community of small boat enthusiasts in the
Willamette Valley. It seems like everwhere I go, someone is talking boats.
Probably because I do all the talking. I have no problems with opening it
up to the cyberworld. I don't know how much marketing you did for Dexter,
but it seems a few well-placed posters for a boat event and address for the
messabout group would pull a few in.

Yaquina sounds great, but what happened to the Critzler (spelling?) idea? I
heard from several troller types that there are a lot of wooden trollers
there that I might be able to get for cheap. That's a pretty small area on
the river, with limited wind, but the backswamps up the drainage just to the
south might have some good exploring.

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I'm going to try out my new old motorhome by parking it at Baker Bay park
on Dorena Lake. I'll be taking Pickle of course. I'm going up there
Thursday afternoon and will probably stay 'til Saturday (but maybe not). If
anyone wants to join me on the lake you know where to find me. This isn't
an "official" messabout.

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