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Ok people I'm thinking really hard about buying this 22' dory with a large cabin to make one thing on my "Bucket List" come true and that's cruising the Columbia River from Warrenton to as far as I can go up the Snake River. Does this mean I can't still be a Coot?


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You may all kick me out for this, but I traded the Whaleboat away...

Titan is now owned by Andy Rusten. He was looking for a larger boat that he could moor at home (he lives on a houseboat) and Titan struck his fancy. Titan was really too big for me anyhow.

In exchange, Andy has traded me his 1968 Starcraft Islander cuddy cabin. It's a riveted aluminum boat with a Mercruiser 120 outdrive. Andy says it's in running condition, and I've gotta believe him. I have more experience working on gasoline engines anyhow, in fact I used to have a pickup with the same engine.

So there it is, I've traded away a Cootish boat for a common aluminum boat. Can I stay a Coot if I keep the Brockway?


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