Where Is Mossy Rock?

Jim & Jan Franklin <liarskorner@...>

 As a huge Oregon History Buff I thought I knew most of the lakes in Oregon! Is it in Washington and where is it?


--- On Sat, 10/2/10, Jon n Wanda wrote:

From: Jon n Wanda
Subject: [MessaboutW] A week at Mossy Rock
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Date: Saturday, October 2, 2010, 4:29 PM


I spent the last week working and staying up at Mossy Rock enjoying the view of the lake. On Thurrsday saw many people kayacing on the peaceful lake. Out of the blue two resurvest jets came over the ridge doing manuvers a hundred feet off the deck with afterburners down tight then they where gone. Friday morning they made another pass through only a littl higher off the deck. Otherwise it was a realy nice and peacefull lake to work along side of.

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