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Looks great Cal!! As I mentioned at Paulina, unless I move up to a motor-home, I will always have an in-bed camper, too many toys that need to be towed! It was good to see you and Laverne Saturday, let me know if you venture this way for some boating!


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Here's a couple pix of the slide in, & pop-top camper we just traded the Kit trailer for.  Now at last I can trailer boats, and still have a place to stay at night.  Davids big dodge rig was the idea, but in a more fuel and size efficient format.  I'm doing the clean, fix, and reseal seams, as needed to make it clean & nice as possible.  Haven't tried it for sleeping, but a "pillow top" mattress is already installed, ZZZZ !!
The other guy got a way bigger space for his three kids, I got the "slide in", and boat tow feature so we did an even trade.  Not many campers will fit my Tundra, at reasonable cost, this one was 12K new in 91, so even though it has less floor size,  they aren't cheap by any means.  Has heater, fridge, portable head, new jacks, the basics.   Mounting cost and new shocks got up there too, but last a long time, and are safer.
This trade was in the works, when we visited Paulina messabout, wish I'd had it for that trip !!  Do we name campers, like boats, so I can say we're bringing - oh! - Farfarer, China Hat, High Roller, or other suitable pleasantry, ideas ??        Did I do the pix right, John K. -- first time on this site.
See Ya,   Cal

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