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LesterB <k7kit@...>

I will toss in with the please give us updates Andrew. If I could not live vicarously through your exploits I would have to go sailing with Greg ... owe, I am going to go sailing with Greg :o/

Dan, I will weigh in he will survive. He is a Marine for pitty sake, he will survive, the question is who and how many he has to put the hurt on to do so.


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Dearest Coots, I'll be leaving next week for the Texas200. I'll be
taking the SPOT device with me, and it has the ability to send an email
to the Coots yahoo group, the email will contain a link to a map with my
present location and also a link to the map that will show my track.

What I'd do is send the message once in the morning (to verify the
device is working) and then once when I reach that day's destination -
just before I turn off the SPOT for the day.

The question is: I don't want to intrude into ya'lls busy schedules with
annoying, twice a day emails. Does anyone have strong feelings against
either for or against this?

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