Siuslaw River


A friend of mine wants to have a messabout in Florence during the Chowder
Festival in late September, possibly combined with an antique outboard
motor exhibition (we had one of those there last year). I've sailed in the
Siuslaw at Florence and it's nice, but you do have to pay attention to the
tides. If the tides are strong during the Chowder fest we could have a
motorboat (probably with an antique outboard engine) hovering around to tow
us back in case we get swept away. <g>

I ought to take up antique outboards, they look like a good way to get some
exercise; either pulling on the starter rope or rowing. ;O)

John <>
I cannot help thinking that the people with motor boats miss a great deal.
If they would only keep to rowboats or canoes, and use oar or paddle...
they would get infinitely more benefit than by having their work done for
them by gasoline. <Theodore Roosevelt>

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