Re: Yaquina Bay


I'm still gonna be cript up for at least another month,
but probably could make it to Newport.
Don't have GP-16 anywhere but in my mind, and dreams, but could
probably bring over old "Rapid Robert" or Boger Dory.

South Beach probably a good lauch for the Bay.
Ther is a nice "Beach" at the end of the road to the Marine
Science center. Somtimes too nice. Very shallow, and with tide,
boats could be left high and dry, or float away.

Maybe Bryn could check a tide table and pick a good weekend without
much tidal change.

Pat Patteson

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You and John Thorpe are our eyes and ears on that part of the
coast. Can
you scout around Yaquina Bay for a good messabout spot? Ideally, a
messabout spot should include a nice place on shore for
around talking about boats, as well as a place to use them.

The river up by Criteser (spelling?) Marina near Toledo looked quite
inviting the other day when I stopped there, but there was little
wind. A
nice sailing skiff lives there though, so maybe it's not so bad all
time. Criteser Marina is a very pleasant little mom & pop mooring,
with a
generally high grade clientelle of older fishing boats. I'll bet
arrangements could be made to have a messabout there. I don't know
the nearest launch ramp is though.

Alsea Bay has also been mentioned as a good messabout spot. Know
any good
spots there?

On Sun, 03 Jun 2001 06:34:27 -0000, Jack Brown wrote:
A messabout on the Yaquina sounds more peaceful; somtime this
summer we
should do it. We could put in up the river a bit, or launch at

John <jkohnen@b...>
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