Yaquina Bay



You and John Thorpe are our eyes and ears on that part of the coast. Can
you scout around Yaquina Bay for a good messabout spot? Ideally, a
messabout spot should include a nice place on shore for standing/sitting
around talking about boats, as well as a place to use them.

The river up by Criteser (spelling?) Marina near Toledo looked quite
inviting the other day when I stopped there, but there was little wind. A
nice sailing skiff lives there though, so maybe it's not so bad all the
time. Criteser Marina is a very pleasant little mom & pop mooring, with a
generally high grade clientelle of older fishing boats. I'll bet
arrangements could be made to have a messabout there. I don't know where
the nearest launch ramp is though.

Alsea Bay has also been mentioned as a good messabout spot. Know any good
spots there?

On Sun, 03 Jun 2001 06:34:27 -0000, Jack Brown wrote:
A messabout on the Yaquina sounds more peaceful; somtime this summer we
should do it. We could put in up the river a bit, or launch at South
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