Re: red vs. white oak, Depoe Bay and froing



If you look closely you can see that the log has been cut off below the
crown. I'll bet Sam Manning left the crown lying there in all its bushy
glory to emphasize that the log is newly cut and quite green.

Bryn or I could easily find footwear like that at the Saturday Market, in
fact, we could probably get the whole outfit there. <g>

On Sun, 03 Jun 2001 06:33:21 -0000, Pat Pateson wrote:
Nice illustration John. Pretty much shows it all. I think I would
cut the top off the tree first, but what do I know.
I think the log has to be very green. Like the same day it's
cut. A week might make it much harder.

I don't really think it's the tools that are important.
It's those sandels.
I think Bryn has a friend in Portland that could snag him a pair,
but you guys live in Eugene, I guess he could pick up a pair
in just about any store in town.
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