Re: red vs. white oak, Depoe Bay and froing


The "Runaway Dory" race is already on the list of events for next
year. Jack Brown says it's a "Must Have."
Sure was the highlight of Sunday.
Ocean big. Ocean win. "Mother nature bats last."
Remind your fellow DEQ folks of that.

I have not personally tried to split a 6' white oak log, but
I have a friend that makes Wooden Bows (like bow and arrows).
He works with all kind of native green woods and I am pretty
sure he would know how to do it, if anyone does. A lost art.
I have a call in to him, and will let you know what I find out.
That one of the interesting things about building wooden boats.
There are a lot of "Lost arts" that were "common knowlege", that we
now have to relearn, and reteach to others. Is that "Progress"?
The Native Americans "just built a canoe" if they needed one.
No big deal. And a lot of the early "Pioneer folks"
"just built a boat". Cut a tree, split the planks and ribs,
and you have a boat. No big deal.

Try to learn how to live, and teach.

If the electic power goes out now, a lot of people would die.

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

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Yes, maybe we should try to add the dory event to the list of
activities at

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