Re: Baby Tender photos


John, the frame bending is nearly all done, two tough ones to go.
My advice would be to steam until they get flexible, then put them
back in! I keep breaking them in my impatience. It might be
easier on a bigger boat with wider turns to make, but the wood
would be thicker too. Patience is the key I think, which is why I
have so much trouble! Oh, and making jigs really helps as well.
I made a couple out of plywood so I could clamp the frames to
the jig as they came out, this really reduced my breakage. I have
seen people use strapping (like the stuff they use to hold cargo
to pallets) on the back side of wood being bent on a jig. Used
mainly for steaming recurves into wooden bows, but it helps
keep the back of the wood from starting to separate and causing
a break. Just a little extra support. On a bigger project with
heavier wood, I would really think about doing that.

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