Re: Baby Tender photos


boat4.jpg Nice Hat (glad you're wearing a mask. I've been
a woodworker for many years and haven't and it shows.)

Very Nice Boat too.
That's about the size lapstrake I might be able to tackle.
Looks like it's turning out great. Gonna be done in time?
Pics of Baby in Tender will be great in a few years, when you
say "How did She/He fit in that?"

Good luck on both your projects.

Is this Kid Number One ?

We did One and quit. That was enought for us.
I've learned a lot with him. Gives life a whole new perspective.
Get to look through Kid's eyes again. Great

Have fun

--- In MessaboutW@y..., chnookie@h... wrote:
Finally got some pictures back and got them scanned. The cradle is
further along than this, but it's the best I could do. I may have
uploaded them in the wrong place, sorry about that. Not much of
a "boat", but a heck of a project, and it LOOKS like a boat. Close

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