Re: Mug and Boats

Larry Barker <lgbarker@...>

Greetings from the sunny end of the state.
I've uploaded a picture of our Bolger Nymph with Son Greg & I taking it out
on it's maiden sail last year at Emigrant Lake. It and our battered,
free-from-a-neighbor aluminum canoe comprise our current fleet. We sold the
Cascade 29 when we left Portland 5 yrs ago. Have had the Nymph out only
once this year - not much water this summer so have been trying to keep the
property alive and haven't had the time to run to the mountains where the
lakes are still wet.

I'm on call this weekend so have to stay in town. But, with nothing else
planned, I'm heading out to the shop to work on my "$200 sailboat" - the
frames are cut and the sides panels are butted so think I'll do a little
gluing and screwing. As long as work doesn't call I should make some
progress. (Note to self: take off epoxy-coated gloves before answering
phone :)

Larry Barker
Talent, Oregon

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