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I've got the original Int'l Marine edition of Old Marine Engines, is your
the newer one from Devereux Books? I wonder if there's any difference.
Grayson has written a two volume book about the history of marine engines
(of all sizes) that looks like a good read, too bad it's so expensive. :o(

An excellent book about the mechanics of old engines is Internal Fire by
Lyle Cummins (of the Diesel Cumminses), printed by Carnot Press, Lake
Oswego, 1976 (there should be a copy at the Eugene Library). It's a history
of the IC engine from 1673 to 1900 (Cummins figures the IC engine reached
maturity by then, further development has just been refinement!).
One-lungers like my Gray, and the Atlantics and Acadias that were built
until just a few years ago, are essentially 1890s technology, not even
refined, though the Gray's jump spark ignition is pretty modern for 1906
(when it was first built). BTW, it looks like Devereux Books has reissued
Internal Fire! And also some other books by Cummins, including a bio of his
dad, Clessie.

I got the plans for my shop into the city Tuesday, a very helpful lady
there walked me through the process of applying for a permit. I was
pleasantly surprised! The shop will have an open ceiling and I'll be able
to store long lengths of wood on the beams. <g> The pitch of the roof is
low though, so I won't be able to pile too much stuff up there. I'm
getting excited about having a warm, dry place to work in the winter, with
room to move around.

I should have a messbout when I first try the old launch in the water, just
so I'll have lots of hands to bail! <g>

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 22:22:15 -0700, Bryn wrote:
I finished reading the one-lunger book, "Old Marine Engines" by Stan
Grayson, It's a very interseting read, a bit long-winded when it comes to
specific histories of each company, and a bit thin on the actual mechanics
of the engine, but nonetheless, a very interesting treatise on the
Don't we all wish we had more storage space.
Can you imagine a shop with all the wood and fasteners just waiting to be
used, no lines at Jerry's, no driving here and there. Ok so I dream.
John <>
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he would not have chosen a suit by it. <Maurice Chevalier>

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