Re: Rapid Robert Plans and Pics


Those are the same plans. I dumped mine.
Text is the same too. I do remember the other detail
drawings. Just like my boat. I know those plans work.
Thanks for the update. Those are better than the originals
I found in the library.

I made very few modifications, as everything seemed to be right.
I did make my rowing thwart adjustable (ala Ray Heater)using
galvanised water pipe and flanges. Also added another set of
oar lock sockets further aft for solo rowing. I would make the
thwart less deep for and aft when I build it again. The one in
there is the original fixed one, just cut off and modified.
Detail can be seen on
I also added and anchor system (again from Ray) and a block
attached to the bottom between my feet for pulling the anchor.
Forged oar locks and three 8 1/2 foot ash oars. (again from Ray)
Alway have 3 oars in a drift boat. Break one, or lose one,
and you are literaly "Up a creek". My spare stores neatly against
the inside. Never had to use it, but I'm glad it's there.

One major modification is that I eliminated most of the frames.
(He did what?) Makes for a clean "Floor".
I built mine over particle board forms and use the thwart
supports to take the loads the frames would have.
3/8 sides and 1/2 bottom with glass outside, and the very heavy
curved (box beam) of the gunwal and inwal stiffen it up.
I have not had any problems, and it has been abused.
I did knock a hole in the side when I hit a large rock, but
really not a hole, just cracked the veneer on the inside.
A little glass patch and it was OK again. Didn't even notice
it for a couple of months while I was giving it one of it's
rare washings.
Much cleaner inside without the bottom frames.

How do those plans compare to the original Kaarhus boat.

And, anybody got a guess on the vintage of the Johnson 15 on there.

Thanks again John, and if I were to build another drift boat,
it would be a Rapid Robert. Can't wear this one out though.

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

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I went down to _my_ local library this afternoon and found what
they had
for the Rapid Robert, it turned out to be ten pages of poor
with no credit given to Tom Kaarhus. :o( The photocopies were
better than
yours anyway, the tops of frames 3 & 4 weren't cut off. <g> They
had the
plan in the reference section, so I had to copy it there, but the
copy machine worked pretty well, better than I expected. I brought
copies of the copies home, scanned them, cleaned them up, and put

Now you don't have to force your wife to type those instructions; I
one of the marvels of the computer age: OCR.

Notice that I've made a BoatPlans folder in the files section for
study plans and what-not. We shouldn't use it for real, copyrighted
at least by living designers (or ones with active heirs like the
or Westy Farmer). I think the Rapid Robert is effectively in the

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