Re: [MessaboutW] Rapid Robert Plans and Pics



I went down to _my_ local library this afternoon and found what they had
for the Rapid Robert, it turned out to be ten pages of poor photocopies,
with no credit given to Tom Kaarhus. :o( The photocopies were better than
yours anyway, the tops of frames 3 & 4 weren't cut off. <g> They had the
plan in the reference section, so I had to copy it there, but the library
copy machine worked pretty well, better than I expected. I brought the
copies of the copies home, scanned them, cleaned them up, and put them

Now you don't have to force your wife to type those instructions; I used
one of the marvels of the computer age: OCR.

Notice that I've made a BoatPlans folder in the files section for sharing
study plans and what-not. We shouldn't use it for real, copyrighted plans,
at least by living designers (or ones with active heirs like the Atkinses
or Westy Farmer). I think the Rapid Robert is effectively in the public

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