Re: [MessaboutW] Re: Mug and Boats



Yep, that's you, big as life. How will we ever recognize you without that
neckbrace? <g>

The plans for the Rapid Robert are kinda sparse, but there's enough there
to build a boat. Except, that is, for the image with the middle frames, you
managed to cut off the tops of a couple of them. Maybe I should renew my
acquaintance with Tom Kaarhus's grandaughter Maurya, she's living in Tom's
former house now, and Roger Fletcher (the guy who does the driftboat
models) said she stumbles upon interesting boat stuff there now and then.
An old girlfriend of mine and Maurya used to be room-mates years ago. Tom
was gone by then, but Maurya's dad would talk sometimes about building
boats in the old shop by Williams Bakery.

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 17:16:16 -0000, Pat wrote:
You got a picture of me and my wife Kay in your picture.
Bryn Thoms' Don Hill "Standard" driftboat. That's me
right over the transom. "The guy in the neckbrace."
John <>
Nobody ought to wear a Greek fisherman's hat unless they meet two conditions:
1. He is a Greek
2. He is a Fisherman <Roy Blount Jr.>

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