The Gray Lives!


Well I got my old Gray one-lunger running a while ago, it sounds great! It
took me a long time to figure out just what it wanted as far as spark
advance, throttle, priming, etc. but finally it went-- then just when it
was settling down to running smooth the mickey-mouse arrangement I had to
tilt the gas can it was running off of gave out and it ran out of gas. :o(
When I rigged up a siphon instead the rubber gas line slipped off the
fitting on the carburettor and gas went everywhere. Enough for tonite!
Tomorrow I rinse out the proper gas tank and try again.

Starting those old-timers is interesting, instead of trying to crank the
engine over in the direction you want it to go, you turn the flywheel
_backwards_, up against compression. With luck the engine fires before it
goes over top dead center and bounces back in the direction you want to go
vigorously enough to push it through the next compression cycle, firing
again and away you go! It was easy to get the engine to fire and bounce
back, but the "vigorously" bit was a problem. It's going to take a lot of
practice before I get the thing figured out. Fortunately bouncing the
flywheel isn't too hard of work, you don't have to do it very hard-- in
fact if you do it too vigorously the engine might go over top dead center
and start running backwards!

This is going top be fun. <g>

Now I hope the boat doesn't sink too fast...

John <>
I Can't take a well-tanned person seriously. <Cleveland Amory>

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