Rapid Robert Plans and Pics


Finally got the Rapid Robert Plans in the files.
Not too much detail, but it was what I built from,
so I know they work.
Also Pics of finished boat. The Molalla looks like it's
a little low. And My Mug, with Depoe Bay shirt.
I think boat is about 14 years old now. Well used,
and it shows. Still sound.
Also pic of my old Johnson Seahorse 15 HP.
Any guess to vintage.
Rapid Robert is a "Fishing Machine" espesially when
my wife Kay is aboard. She is a "Fishing Machine."
Steelhead caught on the Molalla River near Molalla, from
Rapid Robert.
Also threw in Cover Pic of Firecracker Plans.
I think that was the first boat Bryn built.
He can tell about it, and I'll post plans if anybody
is interestd. We may have met at the waterfront.

John, The file sizes are larger than I wanted,
but I'll watch the page, and reduce or dump if we start
to get too much.

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

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