Re: Boat ideas


John, don't worry, you didn't sound condescending or anything.
I will try to post some pictures when I get them. I don't have a
scanner at home, and the cradle is actually not finished yet. I
still have to put the frames and trim work in. Just got the planking
done. I have to hurry, I only have a month left before it needs to
be "launched". The construction was kind of a pain. Mostly because
I used Doug Fir planks instead of the recommended cedar. I had some
beautiful wood from my parents' wood lot, and just had to use it.
But it doesn't bend well enough for this kind of work, won't take a
tight enough curve. I got it done, but it looks a little fatter and
stouter than the pictures I have seen of "proper" versions. Oh well,
I like it the way it is just fine. Hoping to get through the
finishing with no mistakes I have to paint over, I would like to
finish it bright. So, when I get pictures I would be happy to post
them. Meantime, I could post what it is SUPPOSED to look like, or
give you the link, .

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