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The rig in the picture in the files section doesn't look like the standard
Bolger sail, did you eventually put together a bolger rig? I've got a
Teal/Surf/Elegant Punt/Gypsy/Brick/who-knows-what else sail in my closet
that I picked up real cheap afew years ago, I might try using it on the
Monk skiff just for the fun of it, though that means I'd have to put a hole
in the bottom of the boat...

Lauan is a lot easier to finish than el-cheapo fir plywood, but it's
awfully flimsy stuff. A friend of mine used it on a $200 Sailboat, which is
a pretty lightly constructed design, and it feels like it's barely strong
enough to hold the boat together. :o( I used lauan on the 6-Hour Canoe, but
now I've sworn it off and will use real marine ply on the little skiff,
it's only going to take three sheets anyway. The Elegant Punt has quite
some curves! I used one piece fir chines and gunwales and they were a real
b**** to wrestle into place and the grain was starting to lift on the
outside faces when I got them into position! For that matter, the grain
started to lift on the ouside of the AC fir ply sides too. <sigh> I've
decided that cheap materials just aren't worth the extra effort, especially
on small boats where you don't use very much anyway.

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 17:12:53 -0000, Pat wrote:
It sails about as well as you would expect.
It is much overcanvased but,the sail, rudder, and leeboard are
Boger's standard rig for many of his small sail boats.
I am plenty of sail downwind, but my shape does not
make for very good upwind performance.
I would not go to the expense, or touble to build them
again if I were building only a "Toad", but if you intend
to build several of his boats, they fit them all.
The sialing gear weighs almost as much as the boat.
cheap to build (two days building, two sheets of 1'4"laun ply,
As with many of Bolger's boats, it is designed to Look easy
to build. The shape of the sides is cut, rather than
bent, making for some faily tight compound bends in
chine and sheer. I laminaed two thin pieces for the
chine, and have a light molded piece for the gunwale.
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