Re: Boat ideas


If you've build a lapstrake, the dories should be a piece of cake.
I have never had the patience for a lapstrake.
All my boats have been pretty "Qick and dirty". If it takes
more than a couple of days to build it, I don't.

Drift boat. I promised to put "Plans", as such they are, for
the "Rapid Robert" I built. Another very nice, funcional boat,
if you don't mind a few strange looks, and a kind of strange
looking boat. See my post.
Might be a boat for you. Will also get you some admiring looks
from those who know boats.
You can build it like I did, or you can build it like Ray Heater does.

I will put up plans and my "Mug".

Gloucester Light Dory Buy the book if you haven't already.
Good reading and lots of detailed "How toos".

Very nice rowing boat. (Don't row too hard, the extra knot
you get will make you work twice as hard. "Old Man" talking here.)
A little more complicated than standard dory, but great building
details in book.
It is much smaller than the 16' lenght would lead you to belive.
A little tender when boarding, but quite stable, and seaworthy
when seated. Thwarts for two, but really a 1 person rowing boat.
Check the trim with you in the rowing position befor you place
the rowing thwart. I found that I need a little balast in the
bow to get proper trim. Ice chest works, and I have a 15# rubber
coated muchroom anchor hanging hanging from the bow for Shad
fishing on the Willamette. It hold me in most current.
(Our Son Chad was kind of named after that fish, and went fishing
with us when he was 1 1/2 Months old. In a basket in the middle
of another boat I "designed" and built, a 16' x 5 1/2'PC style dory.
Planed with 4 peopel and a baby with old 10 hp Merc.)

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

--- In MessaboutW@e..., chnookie@h... wrote:
I have a huge list of boats I would like to try. They include:
boat, drift pram, dories of all shapes and sizes (I like dories),
yankee tender, some kind of whitehall or wherry, and just about any
other boat with nice lines that has plans advertised in the back of
WB. I am just finishing up a Jordan Baby Tender, which is
and has given me some testing, so I'm not in a real big hurry to do
another lapstrake just yet. Most likely candidates are the drift
pram or something like the Gloucester Light Dory. Dunno for sure.

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