Mug and Boats


Following Pat's suggestion I've uploaded some pictures of me and my boats
(where's _your_ mug Pat?). My fleets to big (Sorry Fats <g>) so I made a
directory off the MembersBoats directory to hold the pictures:

I'm a lifelong Eugenean, 50 years old, who's been a broke mechanic most of
my life. I finally got out of that racket, and am now a mostly retired book
keeper. I've loved boats all my life, but only recently came out of the
closet and started seriously fooling with them. I got rid of the dead cars
that were cluttering up my yard and have begun replacing them with boats.
<g> My fleet so far consists of Pickle, a Warren Jordan designed Footloose
skiff; Sandra Lee, a '62 aluminum Crestliner outboard motorboat and an old
lapstrake motorlaunch with a 1911 Gray 2-stroke engine in it. I've built an
elegant Punt (mostly) and a Six-Hour Canoe, and hope to build a few more
boats in the future.

In some photos Dick Mitsch gave me last week I found this picture of him
and Orca, which I've put into the MembersBoats directory without his
permission. I don't think he has a scanner so this might be your only
chance to see him, unless you come to a messabout. <g>:

John <>
The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be
pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues.
<Elizabeth Taylor>

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