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So many boats to build, so little time! <g> Dick Mitsch's Orca is a
modified Yankee Tender, he could probably tell you something about how they
go together. My advice is to try something small and simple for your first
boat, just to see if you like building boats.

My next building project should be something smaller and lighter than
Pickle for getting into places where there isn't a launch ramp, something I
can either carry on a roof rack or a very light, hand trundlable trailer.
I've pretty well decided on the 11' 6" skiff in Edwin Monk Senior's How to
Build Wooden Boats (a real bargain at $7.95 from Dover!). Ken Swan modified
the design a bit to make his Chico, filling it out a bit forward and
increasing the freeboard, but I kinda like the original better. I'll use
plywood planking and do everything I can think of to keep the weight down.
BTW, if you like skiffs get Ken Swan's catalog, he's got a really good eye
for the type.

The skiffs can be seen:

I got the plans for shop I'm putting in my back yard the other day, now all
I have to do is fight with the city for a permit. With luck it'll be ready
before the rains fall, or at least have a roof...

On Wed, 08 Aug 2001 15:17:46 -0000, Chris wrote:
I have a huge list of boats I would like to try. They include: drift
boat, drift pram, dories of all shapes and sizes (I like dories),
yankee tender, some kind of whitehall or wherry, and just about any
other boat with nice lines that has plans advertised in the back of
WB. I am just finishing up a Jordan Baby Tender, which is lapstrake
and has given me some testing, so I'm not in a real big hurry to do
another lapstrake just yet. Most likely candidates are the drift
pram or something like the Gloucester Light Dory. Dunno for sure.
John <>
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.
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