Re: Flounders Day in Megopolis



Thanks Dan, for chronicling the event. "Forgot his name" is my old
friend Jerry (don't ask how old, he gets SO testy). He was cobuilder -
with Colin, Devin & I - of Sisu. And thanks to Lon for the nautical
and nice Santa card. So... I missed the question too, and the answer.
What IS a strapon? And how did Kate end up describing it to Quinn?
Sorry I missed that moment. That was my only complaint about the
evening. For an old fart like me, who's spent too much time around
loud tools, it was too noisy to really carry on coherent boating
conversations. Otherwise, it was a fun evening. I was a little late
getting to the shop this morning though, and I don't think I'll need
to eat again till tomorrow... or maybe the next day.

David Graybeal

"All things in moderation, ESPECIALLY moderation"


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Pics from the First annual Flounders Day.

JetMan Dan

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