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Last update: 14 November 2019

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  Using Orchestralist
  Mail Options (individual emails, digests, only special notices)
  Format for Posts
  Orchestralist Contract
  Screening Policy



The address to use for Orchestralist posts:


To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to:


The default Subscription brings mail to you as it is posted throughout the day. You may view mail in other ways; for these, see Mail Options (below).

To unsubscribe, send a blank e-mail message to:


To operate orchestralist at the groups.io home page,
logon to the web page at https://groups.io/g/orchestralist.
To set up your first login there, you must create a password.
Instructions on how to do this, and to operate some basic navigation of the website,
see the web page at http://orchestralist/olist/egroups.php.



You can customize your mail delivery. Aside from the default of receiving individual emails throughout the day,
your can chose one of three types of digests, or choose to only receive special messages from the moderators
(hence no emails from members - you would go online to see messages.)
Please see the web page http://orchestralist.net/olist/address.php for a summary of all the email commands available
to choose your mail delivery option, as well as other features. A more complete description of how to operate by email only
is found on the web page http://orchestralist.net/olist/youremail.php

Posts may be viewed on the web at:


You can also switch to topic view, to see all messages sent/replied for the same topic grouped together.



Send text messages only. Attachments are removed from any posts that contain them.

Keep subject headings accurate. Feel free to change the subject heading as the subject itself evolves.

Keep quotations brief. Please identify the author of quoted comments. Quote ONLY from previous publicly posted Orchestralist messages, never quote or make reference to private email.

Your colleagues expect your message to offer something new to the discussion. Please avoid messages that offer mere approval or diapproval -- "hear, hear," or "I am shocked, shocked." Reactions are best sent by private e-mail.

Avoid clutter. Long or vague headings, long quotations, multiple exclamaiton marks, and text in all capital letters are considered rude are not generally appreciated in e-mail forums.

Include your full name and e-mail address in your signature. Your colleagues generally appreciate business card-type information as well, but still want closing text to be kept as concise as possible.



Your subscription to Orchestralist constitutes acceptance of our contract. Please read the following carefully.

Orchestralist is an international discussion forum for Orchestra professionals. The last two words describe our guiding principles for discussion:

1. we talk about orchestras;
2. we do so in a professional manner.

Forums differ in purpose and tone. Ours is a year-round professional conference. Casual, but on task.

Participants at a professional conference register and wear name tags. They introduce themselves, maintain a cordial demeanor, treat their colleagues and environment with respect, and combine friendliness with seriousness of purpose. They expect the same in return.

Discussions at a conference vary in style and content. You hear panel discussions, keynote speeches, announcements, displays, debates, anecdotes, and jokes. Not every person attends a conference looking for the same thing, so not every discussion appeals to everybody. But in every exchange you find the general atmosphere of respect and shared mission.



Orchestralist is a mostly "unmoderated" forum. This means that messages in your mailbox typically reach you directly from their authors without an intermediate party screening the message. Three kinds of subscribers, however, may have their posts screened by moderators:

1. New subscribers (except those who join by official invitation).
2. Corporate or otherwise ambiguously identified subscribers.
3. Subscribers whose posts constitute a cry for help.

A "cry for help" may take the form of unclear or cluttered text, irrelevent subject matter, incomplete identification, or problematic social skills. A subscriber requiring excessive amounts of help may earn a therapeutic rest (subscription suspended) or a permanent vacation (subscription cancelled).



If you need help or have suggestions, please contact the list moderators (see address below). Complete information is available at our web site:




Last update: 14 November 2019

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