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ORCHESTRALIST is an international forum for conductors, composers, players, and their colleagues in the orchestra business. If you wish to subscribe to this group please send an email (no text necessary) to orchestralist+subscribe@groups.io and wait for a moderator to accept your request.

Discussion on Orchestralist ranges over a variety of topics of interest to orchestra professionals. Those encouraged to participate include: (1) conductors of professional, college or community orchestras that perform standard repertory (including choral-orchestral music and opera); (2) musicians who play in such orchestras; (3) composers who write music for such orchestras. Also invited to participate are publishers, administrators, board members, scholars, patrons, and artists-in-training.

Orchestralist, the brainchild of conductor Andrew Levin, went online at Clemson, South Carolina on 28 September 1994. Discussion started with fewer than 30 participants. Today the sun never sets on Orchestralist: Dr Levin's creation boasts well over a thousand subscribers making music in every region of the world. Discussions regularly spawn successful, long-lasting professional collaborations between performers and composers.

The List Moderator and Owner today is Deana Wagoner, Flutist. The Music Registry is managed by Herb Gellis, composer, sheet music publisher, and former orchestra administrator. Herb also serves as Webmaster. Dr Andrew Levin holds the life title of List Ma Laureate.

Complete information about Orchestralist appears at the official web site (www.orchestralist.net). The visitor will also find an online registry of orchestral works, and comprehensive links to resources around the world, including the sites of many Orchestralist subscribers.

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