McGill's Group


Followers of updates to will have seen that all 6 of Edinburgh Bus Tours former London City Tour Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini vehicles were sold to McGill's in March, and were numbered as follows:
[EBT 251] BF60 UUC > 2850
[EBT 252] BF60 UUE > 2851
[EBT 253] BF60 UUG > 2852
[EBT 254] BF60 UUH > 2853
[EBT 255] BF60 UUJ > 2854
[EBT 256] LX60 DXA > 2855

2850/1 have now entered service with Xplore Dundee on their new 'Discover Dundee' tour, reregistered CTS 917, OTS 271, respectively.
2854 was noted on the Isle of Cumbrae in mid-April. McGill's had registered a service between Cumbrae slip & Millport Pier to commence on 27 May, but it would appear that this registration has since been withdrawn...