Information required: Skopje, North Macedonia


With approaching 7,500 vehicles listed on , our small team does their best to keep things up to date. We are aware, however, aware of some long standing 'gaps' in information which we have, so far, been unable to fill from our usual sources.

One such example of this is the fleet of JSP-Skopje in North Macedonia. A total of 17 optional-open Yutong City Masters are believed to be owned / operated, but despite them being there since 2012/3, our information is scarce. Including a pending update to the site, we only have:
1149   SK-824-VH
2002  SK-9573-AC
2003  SK-9531-AC
2008  SK-9625-AC
2010  reg. unknown
2013  SK-9618-AC
plus 11 vehicles for which neither the fleet no. or registration is known.

Can anyone help, please?
The Open Top Site Team