Hong Kong Query


Among the multitude of ex-UK buses which saw further service in Hong Kong in the 80s/90s were a trio of Fleetlines, which ended their days with Gold Star in a blue livery with gold lining [JGF 335K, GOG 532/72N]. Prior to reaching Gold Star, they were in the fleet of Argos Bus as #22, 62, 67 respectively. Can anyone please advise if Gold Star was part of Argos or an independent company, the date of sale / transfer and when were they taken out of service (presumably, for scrap), please? 

Thanks,  Tim


The DMS was never owned by Gold Star, and at least one of the two WMPTE’s never changed hands after Argos either, IIRC; I believe the dark blue & gold livery was more for a long term charter. 

(I’m actually from HK, but all this is well before my time)