City Sightseeing London

David McGow

Coach & Bus Week magazine has published an item stating that a new sightseeing tour of London will start on 20 May.  This is the City Sightseeing London tour which is operated by Crown Sightseeing Limited, a joint venture company owned by Stagecoach, City Sightseeing Worldwide and Grupo Julia.


City Sightseeing London has not been used as a brand since 2018 and had been operated by Original London Sightseeing Tour which later rebranded as Original Tour London.


Stagecoach has confirmed that its London Tour and brand has now ended and that open-top Alexander Dennis Enviro400s 19131-6, previously used on that operation, will be re-liveried and used on the new joint venture.


CBW article here:




Stagecoach East (City Sightseeing Cambridge) 13812 has now moved on loan to London for the City Sightseeing Tour, ex-loan to Stagecoach Devon, where it joins similar 13808. However,13813 remains on loan to Stagecoach Devon for the Dartmouth Park & Ride service.